Multi-Sensory Maths Training using NUMICON & other Maths Manipulatives

Multi-Sensory Maths Training using Numicon & other Maths Manipulatives

Date: Saturday 15 June 2019
Venue: Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Time: 10am – 4.30pm (registration from 9.45am).
Fee: €89 * fee includes light lunch, refreshments, complimentary Numicon shapes and certificate of attendance. Workshop handouts for this course are provided by Dropbox link.

The workshop is facilitated by an expert trainer. It will focus on using Numicon & other maths manipulatives in mainstream, resource and special class settings.

The training is suitable for professionals and parents.

About Numicon
Numicon is a multi-sensory teaching resource designed to help children visualise numbers. From this visual picture they can see how we can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers and the relationships between these.

When children are taught with Numicon, they hear and say associated mathematical language whilst the imagery simultaneously supports their mathematical understanding. The Numicon imagery is used to bridge the gap from the real word to the abstract world of number. Learners develop their own mental number imagery as they combine and compare the shapes in a series of practical activities.

Numicon’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic (practical) approach appeals to different learning styles.

Numicon gives a clear visual representation for number which is thought to support the visual style of learning that is usually a strength in children with autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome and many other conditions. However, all children can use & benefit from the Numicon system. It is not a programme solely for children with special educational needs.

*Limited availability, advance booking essential



If you wish to overnight, there is reasonably priced accommodation available in Maynooth University. See the following link for information: